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Journée Internationale des Femmes

mercredi 7 mars 2018, par Marc TRIGO

Résolution adoptée par l’ECTUN (European Capitals Trade Unions Network) à l’occasion de la Journée Internationale des Femmes 2018.

International Women’s Day is coming. s

Resolution to support the fight for equality between woman and men

Another year is approaching on March 8, the International Women’s day, which once again is not only the struggle of working women in the world, but it is and must be a struggle of all societies for women’s rights. The organizations members of the ECTUN fight for equality between women and men, and we must reflect this in our trade union activity, both within the organization itself and in all areas of society, since one of the priorities of this network, is to improve the living and working conditions of working people.

The global economic crisis that began in 2007 has hit women especially hard, placing them with higher rates of unemployment, lower activity, greater temporariness and part-time hiring, in addition to enduring discrimination based on race, age, physical stereotypes and even because they are mothers or not, in addition to fighting against sexism in the media.

This March 8, the organizations that make up ECTUN decided to support the mobilizations of women and the strikes that will be called in the labor field because we understand that one of our main principles is that work is the path to independence and full development of people, having this one to comply with the parameters of dignity, equity and justice that we defend.

Our main demands for this March 8 are :

• Prevent gender gaps in access to employment, wages and hiring, training, pensions.
• Fight the precariousness of work produced by poor working women.
• Win spaces of representation and power in organizations and society.
• To achieve the additional social guaranties for women in collective negotiation.
• Educate people in equality and co-responsibility from the educational sphere and in society.
• Fight against sexual harassment in the workplace, physical, psychological, judicial, sexual and economic violence and in any way that harms women workers.
• Stop direct and indirect discrimination and gender wage gap.

We encourage all the European trade union organizations members of ECTUN to support, in the measure that they consider this, the international action strengthening women rights.

Long live the workers’ struggle !
Viva la lucha de las trabajadoras !
Vive la lutte ouvrière !
Es lebe der Kampf der Arbeiterinnen !
Vivere a lungo la lotta dei lavoratori !